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The fact that unprecedented numbers of non-Muslims are streaming into Islam is not necessarily a guarantee that Islam is the true religion. Are we supposed to take feces as a fancy dish because a billion flies can’t be wrong? Or should we trust the cigarette addict who says in an unremitting conviction: “Smoking is a healthy pastime, since millions of people do it, why should we think otherwise?” One might flippantly contend that the greatest number of people in the world follows Christianity, so it must be true. But as the facts show, Islam will soon have the greatest number of followers; will it mean that Islam is the true religion?

No matter how many people happen to subscribe to a religion, what is important is to examine whether or not there was a truth that appealed to the majority. Numbers are essential and there is indeed safety in numbers especially when such great numbers are subscribing to truth and not the “every-one-is-doing-it-just-do-it” fallacy. However, most, if not all, of these converts to Islam did an unbiased in-depth research on Islam before accepting it. This phenomenal growth of Islam, especially by conversions, begs our attention and demand any God-conscious person to re-examine Islam without subjectivity.[i]*


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[i] . * Brilliant books that have objectively examined the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) for their truths are the two books: God’ed and MisGod’ed by Dr. Laurence B. Brown. They can be ordered from