My name is neither Walter Melon nor Phil Down. Thanks to God, Salim Boss is what they call me. And not Buck N. Bronco, Phillip Hipps, Long Vu, Chris Cross, Ken U. Diggit, Barb B. Cue, Rusty Nail, Ding Dong, Dick Van Dyke, Holly Wood or Just Houlding. I think Boss is better than being named Nuclear or Antimatter! The name Salim is derived from Islam which means both “peace” and “submission/surrender”. As Muslims claim, Islam is the peace that comes from submission to God’s Will, a definition compatible with Dante’s line: “In His will, our peace.”

I totally condemn some unforgiving parents who inflict on their defenseless kids names such as Spade, Bush, Colon, Rice, Buster, Laughland, Timberland, Strock, Hysteria, Hogg, Crash or Nameless.  We call upon all Parents to stop traumatizing their kids with names such as Stigma, Bone, Fifty Cents, Placenta, Moonblood, Bank-In-Mars, Bank-In-Moon, Diezel-Blaze and the sort. It’s our expectation that parents will learn the art of naming so that, in future, we don’t fret hearing names such as Rocky Stone, Hap Hazard, Ash Tray, Sue Case, Will Fall, May Dye, Robin Banks, Hye Voltage, Burning Meteorite, Cut Off, Pearl Harbor, Coral Reef, Stone Face, Razor Burns, Enough Is Enough and Sandy Bottoms among others. Let’s hope you will not come to meet Terry Wrist, Hart Breaker, Dee Compose, Colin Ambulance, and Aleksander Livshits.

My works revolve around smartness. It’s all about SMARTNESS. It’s about being smart, living smart, dying smart and resurrecting in a smart abode. My works are dedicated towards combating terrible enemies such as ignorance and folly. The guy behind this war is someone who extols intellectual honesty and who finds maximum pleasure in facts. He hopes that his “maybe you’re right” attitude will incite others to share their views and comments to this smart platform. Way before graduating with a BA in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Nairobi, Salim Boss asserted that his talent as a fine artist had helped him decode various intricacies of life. To see things different from others is a gift most artists claim to possess. “Between Mars and Venus” is one of his upcoming books.

Things I like:


Smartness, always


Paradise on earth

Paradise beyond earth


Delicious food


Life devoid of fear, torments, sadness, grieve and misguidance.


Things I don’t like:

Cranial laziness



Stupid people

Boring people


Uncontrolled desires


People I can be patient with:

Completely crazy people

‘Lost-and-willing-to-receive-direction’ people

Staunch enemies


True children

Sharing is caring. Isn’t it? In the 19th century, the white man came to my country with the Bible or rather with Christianity as the solution for the people here. If the white man truly believed that Christianity was the true religion then he is not to blame but in fact he should be credited for having the desire to help mankind. If you have a solution for people, to keep it to yourself is selfishness and a crime. In that case, you will agree with Marianne Williamson who said “Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve.” Similarly, the Arabs came to coast of Kenya with Qur’an as solution to world problems. If Qur’an or Islam is, true as they claim to be; the exit from stress and a peace-maker then, we should thank the Arab missionaries or traders for bringing us Islam. Dalai Lama says “If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.” The same with America, if they truly believe democracy is the solution to the world, then everyone should congratulate USA for being the leading light of democracy. But have we objectively examined these ways of life as the true formulas for our problems. Have you researched your inherited religion and confirmed that it is in fact God’s preferred religion?  My works will ignite that desire to really examine our religions and seriously search for the smartest way to live on this Planet.

  1. Assalaam aleikum Salim akhi..long time.hope ur good.just saw a copy of your book,read it abit..havent finished it yet.but i like it soo much already:) i did an advert animation of it yesterday.hope u like it.heres the link http://youtu.be/TNUlmn24Jw0

  2. Abd el baseet says:

    They are either exremely SMART or extremely IGNORANT…what a book!

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