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“I had a lot of trouble accepting God as a human being.”

                                                                                                ~ Suhaib Webb.

He was born William Webb in 1972 in Oklahoma, where he grew up in a Christian family. He became a successful local Hip-Hop DJ, making records with various artists and bands.  During this period of his life, he was a member of a gang and turned his back on religion. Commenting on Hip-Hop, Webb had this to say:

Hip-hop was more of a social movement than it is now. Now it’s all, ‘I got girls, I got some nice gold, nice car, I’ll kill you and I love my mamma.’ (Back in the) ‘80s and ‘90s, there was more of a sociopolitical, almost Afro-centric feel, which was kind of laced with the teachings of Islam due to the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X.

Funny enough, his grandfather was a preacher. He recalls:

I had a lot of trouble accepting God as a human being or creation. Even as a young child I would ask my mother questions. Suddenly, God is one of three instead of God just being God. So I became a little confused. How could the prophets before Jesus go to heaven if they couldn’t worship Jesus? If (the criteria for heaven was) worshipping and recognizing him as a deity and (as) the key to paradise?

Webb encountered Islam through some Muslim contacts and after a three-year period of exposure to Islam through local Muslim acquaintances, he reverted to Islam and took the name Suhaib. That was in 1992 at the age of twenty.  In fact, Webb got his first copy of the Qur’an at age 17 and as he says, “I read the Qur’an for three years in the restroom because I was scared my mother would pulverize me if she saw the Qur’an in her house”.

After his reversion to Islam, he left his career as a DJ and studied at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. After studying Islam in the USA and working as an Imam and teacher, in 2004, Suhaib Webb, his wife and children moved to Cairo, to study at Al-Azhar Islamic University. Suhaib has also spent 10 years studying with a Senegalese scholar and memorized the Qur’an under his guidance. He has studied with well-known sheikhs (Muslim scholars) in the US and United Kingdom and traveled to Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia to learn more. He is currently a lecturer at the Islamic American University (IAU) in Santa Clara, California. Suhaib Webb has been an active member of the Muslim American Society. He is the author of the best selling audio CD album Mothers of the Believers. Other lectures by Suhaib include:

►Servants of the Merciful (Ebaad ur Rahman)

►Allah will take care of you

►The Family of Umm Sulaym

►Successful Marriages

►Articulating Our Role as American Muslims

►Message to Those Seeking Guidance: Imam al-Muhasibi

►Living in the shade of the Qur’an

►Some Lessons from the Hijra

►5 Things you can do to taste the sweetness of Ramadhan

►The Implications of The Shahadah

►Life of  Our Prophet (series containing 32 lectures)


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