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  • Author: Salim Boss
  • Language: English
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Product Description:

They are either Extremely Smart or Extremely Ignorant will make readers

doubt whether they had been smart in the first place. The book unravels the current

phenomenon of conversions to Islam and profiles some of the noteworthy Muslim

Converts. Those who thought that Islam is a religion of Arabs, Swahilis, Somalis or

Asians will be shocked to see men and women hailing from all races, unprecedentedly

flocking to the highly underestimated, least understood, terror-bound and highly talked about

religion. This book portrays the diversity of converts to Islam, from all walks of

life; from intellectuals to millionaires, to middle-class people; from whites to blacks, men

and women – all are subscribing to Islam.

The book magnifies the threat of Islamic domination highly feared by the capitalist world.

We’ve started hearing authors elucidating on the prospect of Europe becoming “Eurabia”!

Others highlight the danger of Islamic Supremacism! Then we hear the call for prayer

(Adhan) about to reverberate over the English city of Oxford on loudspeakers! The Sharia law

in secular governments with the Archbishop of Canterbury urging Britons to just accept the

coming of Sharia in the UK! Shariah Compliant Finance booming! In 2007, Muhammad was

ranked #2 most popular name for baby boys born in Britain with Jack taking the first position!

In Brussels, Mohammed has been the most popular name for a number of years! Muslims

having more decisive voice in the makeup of European governments! Non-Muslim Presidential

candidates wearing Islamic attires during campaigns! Funny enough ‘Hussein’ sleeps in the

White House! Then Prof. Ali Mazrui saying “. . . perhaps we can prophesize that in another

40 years the US will at last have a Muslim president!” President Obama’s Inaugural speech:

“To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual

respect.” Professor Paul Goble predicting Russian Army to become a Muslim–Majority Army

by 2015–2020. Before we forget, spontaneous outbursts of indignation all over the Muslim

world just because of depiction of Muhammad in a cartoon! Europeans joining Al-Qaida!

And there is also the awaited birth of clash of civilizations! We often see Adverts

having Muslim–looking–like characters! Halal chicken in Supermarkets! . . . And so on.

Is The New Islamic Order looming?

The myriad conversions to Islam bring Sir George Bernard Shaw’s prophecy close to reality

when he proclaimed: “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe

within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.” Just the way Samuel Huntington

foresees:”Muslims in the world will continue to increase dramatically, amounting to

20 percent of the world’s population about the turn of the [21st] century, surpassing

the number of Christians some years later . . . .” And if that is not enough, Bernard

Lewis, a historian and the recipient of AEI’s Irving Kristol Award for 2007 made

his prediction in 2004 that Europe would be Islamic by the end of the century.

This book creates a context in which to think about the world’s most

newsworthy religion, Islam – its authenticity, what benefits it can offer

both in this transient earthly life and the infinite–life–after–death,

and provides the reader with a desire to seriously know “What’s

wrong with my religion – my fellow followers are dumping it

at an accelerated speed?” The book echoes Malcolm X’s

statement, “People don’t realize how a man’s whole life

can be changed by one book” because this is that one

book you need to read before you die.



 “With this book, people will really think”

Sabine Kuesshauer,

M.A. Student, Dept. of Political Science, University of Leipzig, German


“An amazing, fascinating, moving, well researched yet simple to understand book from a very thorough, frank, eloquent author. I thoroughly enjoyed the humour displayed. This is a book I will cherish and go back to it, again and again.”

∼ Xenia Younes

Greek blogger and Accounts Manager in a Private Firm, United Kingdom. She holds a BTEC National in Business Studies & Finance.


“After having read many books on Islam the past 11 years this book confirms to me that I indeed feel I have discovered something very valuable and precious other people have not. If only those people would read, they might – and Allah is the One who guides – discover the same.”

∼ Harun Jeroen Verstaen

Administrative employee, Netherlands; he is also a freelance translator from English to Dutch; His Master’s thesis was on the application of Shari’ah Law in Sudan, University of Maastricht (UM), The Netherlands. He is also a student of Islamic knowledge.


“I am a Non-Muslim but after reading the book, I now respect Muslims. I wish I could one day meet the author. The book has taught me much.”

∼ Paris Fuhua Wang

Sales Rep, Heng Yuan Manufacturing Co., Limited, Guangzhou, China. Graduate, HAFLRU University, Heilongjiang, China. She also holds a TEM-8 Certificate.


On July 8, 2010 at exactly 2:07:38 PM, an Email was sent from a reader to the Author:

“Hallo Salim Boss. A very close friend of mine sent me an email of your book “Extremely Smart or Extremely Ignorant” .While it is an enlightening book and it has lead me do some research [on Islam] and found out some things in Christianity that I tend not to agree with. But explain to me this concept of “JIHAD”  holy war coz to me . . . . Our God is a peaceful God! I am yet to read the Qur’an.”


∼ Elsie Chepchirchir Bitok

Accountant, Mombasa, Kenya.


“This book will set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”

Chelang’at Chepkwony,

Accountant, Hass Petroleum Ltd. Kenya. She holds a Bsc.  Degree in Acturial Science, University of Nairobi; CPA Part 3.


“This book is a cross between a rigorous academic text, with invaluable quotations, facts & figures, containing a database of must read books for Muslims and non-Muslims alike and a novel with very interesting but very true stories. I was inspired and enjoyed reading it. My only complaint is that it was too big to put in my handbag so I could carry it with me everywhere, everyday.”

∼ Wambui Nyamathwe Kabage

Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. LLM, University of Sydney.


“Salim Boss has done it! This book is evolutionary in setting a direction for our prejudiced world. Likely to change your deepest held convictions about Islam.”

Billow Kerrow

Former Shadow Finance Minister & Member of Parliament, Kenya. Currently, he is an Advisory Board member for Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission.


“If you are ready to face the hard facts, read it! . . . to be smart or ignorant – the choice is yours. Whatever your option, the way you will look at Islam will never be the same again”

Ole Naado,

Founder and CEO of The New Dawn


 “An incisive, provocative yet persuasive piece of work, an ideal response to many of the mind boggling questions asked by the ordinary mind. A must read for all.”

∼ Akidah

Lecturer, Department of Linguistics & Languages, University of Nairobi, Kenya.


“This book is the voice of the many of us. The authoritative, assertive and no-apologies voice that will put to rest the many questions of our friends and family who wonder out loud: How (in ‘God’s’ name) could you become a Muslim? …. My advice? Get out of your comfort zone and confront the hard facts in this book!  The truth is: you will decide whether you are extremely smart or extremely ignorant.  The challenge is, are you daring enough to find out?”

∼ Isabellah Wabomba

Communications/Media/Public Relations Practitioner, Kenya. MBA Graduate, University of Nairobi; BA in Communications, Daystar University. Currently Undertaking an Advanced Course in Islamic Studies for Reverts [i.e. New Muslims].


“The book consists of all ingredients that make it great and interesting. The extensive and intensive research, its simplicity and the clarity of the message, its witty quotes and above all the originality.”

∼ Bishar

Bachelor in Social Work, Volda University College, Norway.


“The book is so interesting. I just can’t afford to put it down!”

Elizabeth Jerop,

MA student, University of Nairobi doing Masters in Gender and Development Studies.


 “This book is a must read . . . extremely thought-provoking and perspective changing.”



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